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National Learning Centre
NLC is committed to;
§ Providing an environment in which complaints or appeals are responded to promptly, with minimum distress and maximum protection to all parties.
§ To ethical and responsible management, and a visible, accessible and fair complaints or appeals handling process with a view to achieving mutually acceptable and fair outcomes.
§ Viewing client complaints and appeals as providing an opportunity to review and improve its policies and practices, and also to gain insight into levels of client satisfaction.
§ Adopting an ethical and professional approach to handling complaints and appeals.
§ Respect for privacy and confidentiality wherever possible within the constraints of the need to fully investigate the complaint or appeal.
§ Mutually acceptable resolution being reached through negotiation, conciliation and/or mediation.
§ Viewing complaints and appeals as opportunities for improvement
Complaints and Appeals Procedure


This Complaints and Appeals Policy is designed to ensure that National Learning Centre (NLC) responds effectively to individual cases of dissatisfaction. This policy outlines National Learning Centre’s approach to managing complaints and appeals and ensures that all clients, candidates, employers and other stakeholders are aware of the steps to take to have their dissatisfaction addressed appropriately. 


This policy provides an avenue for all complaints to be addressed in a fair, efficient and confidential manner.




Complaint             a person’s expression of dissatisfaction with any service provided by NLC.

Appeal                   a request to review a decision that has previously been made. 
                                                An appeal is the result of a complaint that has not been resolved.




This policy applies to all candidates, prospective candidates, clients, employers, staff and other stakeholders of NLC. This policy and related procedure will be made available to candidates regardless of their location at which the complaint has arisen, the mode in which they study or their place of residence.


1. Complaints and Appeals Systems


Despite all efforts of NLC to provide satisfactory services to its candidates, clients, employers and other persons, complaints may occasionally arise requiring formal resolution.


1.1       NLC is committed to developing and maintaining an effective, timely, fair and equitable complaints and appeals system which is easily accessible and offered to complainants at no charge. NLC aims to:


  • Develop a culture that views complaints and appeals as an opportunity to improve the organisation and how it works;
  • Set in place a complaints and appeals handling system that is client focused and helps NLC to prevent these events from recurring;
  • Ensure that any complaints and appeals are resolved promptly, objectively and with sensitivity and in complete confidentiality;
  • Ensure that the views of each complainant and respondent are respected and that any party to a complaint or appeal is not discriminated against nor victimised and
  • Ensure that there is a consistent response to complaints and appeals.

2. Nature of Complaints and Appeals


2.1       Complaints and appeals may be made be in relation to any of NLC’s services, activities and decisions such as:


§  The enrolment, induction process;

§  The quality of education provided;

§  Training and assessment matters, including candidate progress, assessment, curriculum and awards in a course of study;

§  Access to personal records;

§  Decisions made by National Learning Centre and/or

§  The way someone has been treated.


3. Resolving Issues before they become a formal complaint


3.1       Candidates and clients are encouraged, wherever possible, to resolve concerns or difficulties directly with the person(s) concerned to deal with the issue before it becomes a formal complaint. NLC’s administration officer and other staff members are available to assist candidates to resolve their issues at this level.


4. Lodging a Complaint


4.1       Formal complaints and appeals must be submitted on NLC’s Complaints and Appeals Form to the National Training Manager. All parties are encouraged to approach matters with an open view and to attempt to resolve problems through discussion and conciliation. NLC acknowledges the need for an appropriate independent party to mediate where an appropriate outcome cannot be reached internally.


5. Resolution Timeframe


5.1       All formal complaints and appeals will be responded to efficiently to ensure an effective resolution within a reasonable timeframe, usually twenty one (21) days or as soon as practicable. However in some cases, particularly if the matter is complex, the resolution may take longer.


6. Complaints and Appeals Register


6.1       All formal complaints and appeals and their outcomes will be recorded on the Complaints and Appeals Register. In addition, the register will be regularly reviewed by management and used as an opportunity for improvement and reflection.


7. Timeframe for Assessment Appeals


7.1       Candidates have the right to make an appeal against the academic decisions made by NLC. 

7.2       Appeals against any decisions of a non-academic nature are to be made in writing following the Formal Complaints and Appeals procedure. 

7.3       Appeals against assessment decisions and other academic matters must be made within twenty-one (21) days of the original decision being made.


8. Enrolment Status


8.1       Where a candidate chooses to access this policy and procedure, NLC will maintain the candidate’s enrolment while the complaints handling process is ongoing.


9. Record Keeping & Confidentiality


9.1       As a Registered Training Organisation, NLC will protect your privacy as governed by the Privacy Act 1988. NLC will only use personal information obtained about you for the authorized purpose of carrying out our requirements as an RTO.

9.2       NLC will not disclose any personal information about you to any third party and will take reasonable measures to prevent any infringement of your personal rights. Personal information will only be provided to third parties where approved by you in writing or otherwise required by law.


10. Access to Candidate Records


10.1    As an enrolled candidate with NLC you will have access to your records throughout the duration of your training program. To retrieve any information in your candidate, please contact the National Training Manager.


For security purposes, candidates will need to provide the following information:


§  Their date of birth

§  Full name

§  Mother’s maiden name

Cheating and Plagiarism Definitions and Procedures
Cheating and plagiarism is unacceptable at NLC and students are made aware of this through the Student Brochure which they are given prior to enrolment. Definitions of cheating and plagiarism are;
Cheating – violation of the assessment rules to gain an advantage
Plagiarism the copying of the language, ideas or thoughts of another author, and representation of their work as student’s original work.
Trainers/Assessors are informed about cheating and plagiarism procedures through the through the Assessor Guide and will actively monitor students for cheating and plagiarism.
Where assessors suspect students have plagiarized answers they will check this using free plagiarism software located at http://www.dustball.com/cs/plagiarism.checker/.
Consequences for cheating and plagiarism are the same and will result in;
a)    the student will be required to re-do another equivalent assessment task
b)    the student will be given a final written warning outlining the details which will be signed by the RTO manager, trainer/assessor and the student. This will be kept on Student file.
Any further infringements will result in the students being expelled from NLC. A letter will be given to the student explaining the situation and will be kept on student file.

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